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You do not have to register for a User ID to get your free shipping quotes to ship with AAA International Shipping; however, registering for User ID eliminates duplicate data entry and provides seamless integrated solutions for customers’ shipping and logistics needs. It makes your online experience even smoother, faster and more efficient than ever.

During the 1980's, we experienced the high cost, repetitive and time consuming effort required using typewriters to generate documents and using the Telex (ancient technology) to correspond and transmit information.

Out of this experience we are committed to working with our customers to streamline the process with the right mix of technological advances and services. In today’s rapidly changing technological advances, we are always looking for new ways to improve your experience with us.

Today we are proud to foster customer focused culture, supported by a passionate management team with relentless efforts to maintain state of the art web technology solutions. This helps create, manage and seamlessly transmit documents electronically, all while providing all-in-one services with complete personalized attention and support.

Here are the top 10 benefits you can start enjoying immediately for all your shipping and logistics needs:

  • Your information would load automatically so you can get your rates, compare and start shipping more quickly.

  • Centralizing your shipment information and transactions to give you quick and easy access.

  • Improving production efficiency with critical data availability, such as history of previous shipments and bookings for review and repeated use.

  • Experienced personnel worldwide to provide the highest service for your specific industry’s requirements.

  • Information Automation Technology World-leading e-ShipExpress computer communication platform that connects all parties to a shipment with seamless real time updates. Management solutions that allow exporters/importers to automate and manage the complexity of global trade. The goal is to significantly increase your exporting/importing success by improving your shipping, compliance, documentation and reporting processes. Unrivalled in its depth of functionality and integration capability, e-ShipExpress allows you to make faster, more accurate and more profitable operational decisions.

  • Electronic Data Interchange EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of business information. It eliminates the need for re-keying and improves communications accuracy. Our key business transactions available via EDI for your convenience: quote requests, booking information, bill of lading information and instructions, invoicing, electronic funds transfer, arrival notice information, shipment status information, automatic proof of deliveries confirmation are sent by email upon receiving delivery and more.

  • Periodic special offers to improve your bottom line would be sent to you as they become available from us and/or our carriers.

  • The opportunity to enroll and subscribe to our complimentary AAA-VIN Service. When shipping vehicles, your vehicles data would be filled in automatically by simply entering the VIN#. This saves you valuable time and ensures accurate data, thereby avoiding potential costly mistakes.

  • Staying current with links to AAA-News and other business and industry news services – with the opportunity to enroll and subscribe to our complimentary AAA-Newsletter to become your one-stop source for all your industry’s news and events.

  • By utilizing this free online tool you are also able to:
    • Obtain instant ocean freight price quotes in real-time 24/7, have it emailed to you and schedule your export or import shipments at a time of your convenience.

    • Receive complete shipping instructions on your ocean freight shipment via e-mail.

    • Fill out and submit essential shipping documents from your desktop using industry-specific forms; print shipping labels.

    • Receive ship documents via e-mail in HTML links and PDF files.

    • Create custom reports from your shipping data for viewing online or e-mail to your records.

    • Pay charges related to your import or export shipment online or use other payments options.

    • Keep your profile current online by updating your info: Phone, Email, User ID, Password, etc.

.. and that's just the top 10 reasons. There are many more benefits designed to save you time and money on every consignment. Call us at 1-888-620-SHIP (7447) for more information or click here to register today.

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