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The AAA-Advantage

What Sets Us Apart ..
and Why Choose Us –

If you are looking for a top-class freight forwarder and logistics provider, you expect reliability, expertise and personal attention. Whether it’s one or multiple shipments, large or small cargoes, local or the other side of the world, it's too valuable to be left to chance.

We are proud to foster customer focused culture, supported by a passionate management team with relentless efforts to maintain state of the art web technology solutions. This helps create, manage and seamlessly transmit documents electronically, all while providing all-in-one services with complete personalized attention and support. 

Here are the top 10 plus advantages you can start enjoying immediately for all your shipping and logistics needs: 

Experienced Personnel Worldwide Ready to provide the highest service for your specific industry’s requirements. 

Innovative Technology – Our applied technological and industry-specific expertise ensures that you achieve and sustain competitive advantage. 

  •  Information Automation Technology – World-leading e-ShipExpress computer communication platform that connects all parties to a shipment with seamless real time updates. Management solutions that allow exporters/importers to automate and manage the complexity of global trade. The goal is to significantly increase your exporting/importing success by improving your shipping, compliance, documentation and reporting processes. Unrivalled in its depth of functionality and integration capability, e-ShipExpress allows you to make faster, more accurate and more profitable operational decisions.

  • Electronic Data Interchange EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of business information. It eliminates the need for re-keying and improves communications accuracy. Our key business transactions available via EDI for your convenience: quote requests, booking information, bill of lading information, invoicing, electronic funds transfer, arrival notice information, shipment status information, automatic proof of deliveries confirmation are sent by email upon receiving delivery and more.

Improving your organization's efficiency, profitability, regulatory compliance and risk avoidance with help from your e-ShipExpress solutions.

AAA-Network – Sophisticated and unique alliance of like-minded professionals that bring credibility and expertise in their local markets in almost every country and port worldwide.

Compliance, Security and Safety Targeted compliance, customs clearance at origin and at destination, security consulting, and insurance.

AAA Global Customer Service Personalized service and online access to useful tools 24/7 for all your transportation and logistics needs and inquiries. Our agents around the world understand how to better serve our clients’ needs that multinational companies cannot offer. The power to provide all the services a shipper needs, handling your shipment with the added bonus of local expertise to take care of any unusual requirements.

Value of Money – Our huge buying power enables us to offer the best prices anywhere, combined with superior local knowledge and know how to obtain good rates for your cargo.

Peace of Mind – You can be assured that your shipments and logistics management requirements would be handled professionally.

PartnerShip – We partner with our customers and differentiate ourselves through being:

  • Customer-Focused with a Results-Based Methodology – our customer-focused implementation strategy enables us to provide industry best practices and standardized business processes.

  • Focused on Logistics-Intensive Organizations – we focus on working with companies that have complex transportation-centric operations and/or differentiate themselves through logistics.

  •  Multimodal, Multi-process and Global – logistics network and applications that manage multiple channels and multiple business processes through the same global network.

  •  Shipment Lifecycle Management – allowing our clients to focus on their core business by allowing us to efficiently and effectively manage the end-to-end shipment process from source to consumer with real-time visibility.

Added Benefits to All Parties Involved
by allowing:

  • Your Business to:

    • Reduce cost of operations and save money by more efficient use of rate quotation, administrative and accounting functions.

    • Reduce time on the phone by increasing access to information. Self-serve rate quotation and bookings are a time saving advantage for you.

    • Offer the most cutting-edge, fully integrated web based functions in today’s market to your customers.

    • Save on personnel. You may decrease your payroll and increase your efficiency. Manage increased volume you never believed possible. Unlimited potential for customer size and volume with your transportation and logistics transactions running on the internet.

    • Create quotes, bookings, tracking, documentation, and invoicing.

  • Your Customers to:

    • Fully integrate online information into that can be accessed from any internet ready computer or even a PDA. Allows your customers to work paperless, whenever or wherever they please.

    • Function more independence by giving them direct access to all pertinent information, which decreases dependence on larger service staff.

    • Build more business relationships for their company through utilization of the streamlined management of their products with you.

    • Save on personnel. They may decrease their payroll and increase efficiency, which provide unlimited potential for customer size and volume with your business.

  • Mutual Benefits for your company and your customers to:

    • Interface with our system easily. No expensive database servers. No hardware maintenance costs.

    • Obtain and prepare documentation by the concerned parties so that they have a vested interest in making sure the information is accurate.

    • Access available scanned paperwork by those who need it instantly.

    • Sharing relevant information that is specific each party through the use of different logins to ensure visibility without compromising secured and confidential information.
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